Thursday, March 29, 2007

Coconut Rochers, Chocolate Macarons, Chocolate Financiers, Madeleines

Attached is a picture of more petit fours that we completed today.

Starting in the upper left, going clockwise, are chocolate macarons, Madeleines, chocolate financiers, and coconut rochers.
The Madeleines are a lemon-flavored cake-like petit four with a nice texture. You pipe the batter into a mold that is shaped kind of like a seashell. Due to the shape of the mold, the edges cook faster while the center takes a little longer to cook. This gives the batter in the center time to spring up, giving you the "bellies" you see in the photo.
The coconut rochers are easily one of my favorites. The batter is much like a macaron batter, and the end product has a slightly crisp exterior and a moist chewy center. I took this platter to the bank after class, where the Madeleines and coconut rochers were a huge hit. One executive at the bank bit into a coconut rocher and let out a big "Oh my God is that good" in a scene reminiscent of When Harry Met Sally. It was pretty funny.
My lovely wife Ali also took a liking to the coconut Rochers, and polished off about a dozen of them. (Ali wants me to remind everyone that the cocnut roches are very small.) And my friend Tracy from the bank actually put in an order for her dad's birthday next month. Very cool.

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